throwback to me taking a photo with the westboro baptist church protesters outside of the panic! at the disco concert wow “)


The Vamps Exclusive Gig at The Rainbow in Digbeth, Birmingham. 

I was lucky enough to shoot another Vamps gig last wednesday, here’s a few photos from it. If you want to see the more of the photos go here: 



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I don’t think i’m going to tag anyone bc i don’t know who did it or not but yeah heres top 6 selfies 💁


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Brendon nonchalantly doing a backflip with a sub in his hand. Oh.

this man has accomplished so much

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TheVampsJames: “Just hanging around”

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I’m trying to get my head around Tumblr so I can use it for bands! Following people back

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Reblog if you want “have you ever” asks.

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